The Back Page – 1st April

1st April 2021

Here’s a look at the newest posts engaging fans this week.

Matchroom Boxing reminds us of the power behind emotionally-driven content

Last weekend saw British boxer Dillian Whyte claim revenge amongst Russian powerhouse Alexander Povetkin from a 4th round stoppage.

On the Matchroom Boxing’s Instagram account, their most engaging content from the fight was both men displaying great sportsmanship. 

Despite the simplistic video, this reminds us about the emotional connection consumers have with sports personalities showing respecting each other after competition.

Manchester City wish a Happy Holi!

The Premier League giants wished their fans a Happy Holi this week. Holi is a famous Hindu festival that is dubbed as the ‘Festival of Love, Colours and Spring.

In collaboration with Indian club Mumbai FC, the video saw some players in City shirts doing some tricks while being covered in multi-coloured powder to represent the festival celebration.

The production was a culturally sensitive masterclass to engage with their Asian fanbase innovatively.

Ederson goes to the moon and back

The City keeper makes an eye-catching return to Twitter from a skycam attached to a football while Ederson boots it into the air.

Puma was being promoted through the clip as well, particularly their gloves and boots.

Earlier this year, City were named the most innovative sports team by Sports Innovation Lab. This short clip is a testament to this achievement.

MINI break new grounds in Formula E

MINI taps into Formula E’s world by launching a new car, the MINI Electric Pacesetter. 

The video showcases a thrill-seeking theme through a design that empowers technical precision, emotion and unorthodox thinking.

MINI’s identity in motorsport steps up a level through the creation of a compelling promotional video.

Ever wondered what goes on outside of the Octagon?

The UFC keep smashing it with their TikTok content. We all see the brutal knockouts, submissions and stoppages throughout fight nights; therefore, the UFC thought to share some clips outside the cage. 

There’s plenty of emphasis on the commentary panel, coaches and overarching camera angles. 

This short video demonstrates the appetite fans have to explore what goes on away from the final product. There’s a demand for behind-the-scenes content, and the UFC have executed this compellingly and concisely.