We realised early on we wouldn’t be the next Messi or Williams. But we didn’t let that put us off. We swapped the training pitch for the editing suite, our trainers for computer screens.

We did the hard yards. We learned the ropes. Like a Rocky montage, we honed our animation skills to compete with the best.
(Dun…dun, dun, dun.)

Today, we’re title contenders for the most down-to-earth, get-it-done, and make-it-unforgettable animation agency out there.

The team talk.


Sport and animation. That’s all of us in a nutshell. It’s all we talk about. And whilst that might mean we’re the conversation killers at parties, it also means you’re working with people who genuinely care about what they do. And that shines through in our work.


Community is at the heart of every fanbase, and it’s at the center of our agency too. We spend our nights watching the game rather than working non-stop. And we like to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. You’re part of the team.


As much as we like watching games, we don’t like to play them. Instead we’re upfront and approachable. We don’t force you down complicated processes. What you see is what you get. Like the James Milner of agencies. Just without the footballing ability.

The squad.


Creative Director

Participated in a triathlon in Disney Hong Kong but didn’t need to dress up as Mickey.



Famously travelled to New York for a weekend to witness Ruiz Jr beat Anthony Joshua in Maddison square gardens.



Is the 4th generation of Chelsea fan, his Great grandfather was at the blues’ first game in 1905.


Studio Manager

Ran into Linford Christie when crossing the finish line at Alexander Stadium in the National Schools 100m final.


Motion Designer

Black belt in karate. Be careful with amends.

Get scouted.

We’re always looking to improve our squad, so if you’ve got the skills to pay the bills then get in touch. If you’re a good fit we’ll have a chat and see how you might fit in with our plans. And if that goes well, you can choose your shirt number and get cracking.

The home ground.

Stoke & Dagger

Stoke & dagger

You’ll find our stadium in London. But we often like to play away with clients from all around the world.

My concept was brought to life by the fabulous team at Stoke & Dagger. An agency that constantly pushes boundaries & challenges us to think outside the box as a brand.

Robyn, Betfair

We couldn't have asked for anything better, the quality was amazing and turnaround incredible quick. We increased our viewership and increased our likes and interactions with each individual post.

Josie, British Rowing

Stoke & Dagger took a dry two-page script full of vital and specific information and turned it into an engaging and unique animation ideal for our broad audience. Their ideas were novel, approach professional but friendly, flexible and engaged and their responses to questions and proposed amendments came almost by return each time. I’d have no hesitation recommending them if you’re looking for a bespoke, tailored video that communicates your message and reflects your brand.

Iain, British Paralympics

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