Triller vs TikTok: Which platform is best for my sports videos?

Both platforms have boomed in popularity throughout 2020; the pandemic gave more people time to get creative. Plus, both apps have dug their teeth deep into the sporting landscape. TikTok penned an agreement to become an official partner for Euro 2020 alongside securing a multi-year partnership with MMA giants, the UFC. Triller beat promotional titans Matchroom Boxing and Top Rank to host the undisputed lightweight title fight between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos. Plus, Triller also established a celebrity boxing league called the Fight Club which will see US personality Jake Paul take on MMA veteran Ben Askren. Their sporting identity will only strengthen, so make sure your content game is RIGHT for these channels. 

Triller holds a smaller but more niche audience.

Triller’s culture graphic appears led by hip-hop and EDM music. Interactive challenges through the app are originating from rap/hip-hop icons too. PSG star Neymar exclusively signed a content deal with Triller, who now sees him own over 50 million views.  

Neymar signed a content deal with Triller in 2020

If you’re a brand like The NBA or The NFL, where you’re sports is highly influenced by cultural rap-pop icons, we’d consider you check out Triller. However, not by riding the viral challenge wave, but instead, creating exclusive content for your audience. Boxing legend Mike Tyson, ahead of his fight against Roy Jones Jnr, had a pre-fight Triller docuseries narrate the occasion. US creator Jake Paul also has a pre-fight Triller docuseries coming up ahead of his bout with MMA veteran Ben Askren. 

Initiatives like this will engage your audience by yourself, creating the event into a long-form movie, capitalising on sport pivoting into global entertainment. 

Long-form content is more favourable on Triller

TikTok videos are limited to 15-60 seconds, whereas a Triller video can last up to over 3 minutes. Triller learnt their culture graphic wanted more direct content presenting a lifestyle insight into their favourite personalities. Therefore, Triller established TrillerTV

TrillerTV is a 30 minute weekly live show exploring the life of social media stars, celebrities, influencers and other creators. Some shows include multi-entertainer Jake Paul, storytelling his come-up as a 2-0 pro boxer. US rapper, 2 Chainz, shows off his workout routines while social media sensations, The D’Amelio family, review their favourite products from small but innovative global business. 

If you’re an upcoming sports brand, paying attention to influencers and creators within sport could be the key that unlocks your brand growth through TrillerTV. If you’re a rights holder, utilising TrillerTV to creators who resonate with your brand values can prove to increase more sales for your businesses. 

Go for TikTok for macro-engagement

With over 800 million active users and 2 billion downloads, it’s a no brainer that you’ll likely receive more brand awareness on TikTok. Plus, TikTok’s algorithm is influenced by users interests, whereas Triller’s is more favoured towards trending and challenge-based content. 

TikTok is where it’s at if you REALLY want to get creative, considering their editing features are much broader than Trillers. On TikTok, you can edit captions, speed ranges, effects, overlays while synergising your favourite app audio sounds. Alternatively, Triller’s editing process is AI orientated, fixated on fast/slow motion, basic text and overlays. 

If you’re a sports club, TikTok could prove ideal for you as you’ll likely want to aim for a wide. Plus, it’s simpler to illustrate storytelling concepts on TikTok compared to Triller.  

Monetisation opportunities through video

Regardless of what area in sport you’re coming from, monetisation is the key value at heart. If you’re a sports brand looking for influencers, TikTok is more favourable due to its significant growth compared to Triller. Plus, rather than looking for influencers with considerable reach, it’s a chance to identify up and coming influencers within sport, helping them grow with your brand.  

TikTok is more straightforward to utilise for brand building and advertising purposes due to its’ easy-to-use ad setup process. Also, Triller’s advertising model involves its users crowdfund from their audience to enhance monetisation. Alternatively, Triller will work for you to get a better share of voice across social media and more effectively promote products through video content. 

To get the most out of your videos creativity, impact, message and brand voice, TikTok offers more comprehensive resources to amplify your brand better. However, Triller’s AI orientated features make the editing process less time-consuming.  

To summarise, TikTok will work best if you’re a broader scale sports property like a club, broadcaster or rights holder due to optimising brand awareness, identifying influencers/creators and promoting advertising opportunities. Alternatively, Triller will optimise your videos if you’re a niche sports brand like the NBA or NFL who leads their culture graphic through rap & hip-hop icons. Plus, if you’re more favourable for producing longer-form content, Triller is your go-to.