Since when did TikTok come to Twitter?

Since when did TikTok come to Twitter?

BVB became Regionalliga West Champions last weekend, and they captured some post-game celebrations with a twist. 

They integrated a viral TikTok song onto their Twitter video, essentially bringing the TikTok culture to their Twitter page to diversify their content tone. 

What do you get when you cross Eric Cantona with Sports Direct and COPA90?

A Monster kickabout! This is a new scheme to get schools across England playing more football. 

The video is brilliantly executed. Essentially, Cantona is talking to camera, but the effects and animations surrounding it are what make it enticing the boost viewership time. 

Well played, guys, a great lesson in displaying engaging motion graphics.

Castore: better never stops.

This campaign features British swimmer Adam Peaty as he illustrates the thought process going through the mind of an elite athlete accompanied by a perfect backing track to set the tempo right for the viewer.

Plus, clothing brands are becoming more movement orientated. There was little to no reference to the clothing line during the ad. Instead, Castore is purely lead by Adam’s story to entice their brand awareness and engagement.


Not long ago, it was Aguero’s birthday and the City content team were on their A-game to wish the former City striker many happy returns.

The video is so short, quick and effective. They’ve compiled several images of some of Kun’s best moments at the club to show how his impact at City. 

If there’s a league for clubs and birthday content, City are in the lead!

Bayern bring TikTok culture to Instagram

Bayern threw it back with a compilation of the all-mighty Manuel Neuer and his sweeper keeping moments.

The clip has over 1.8m players and nearly double the engagement compared to other Reels posted in the last five days. 

Players are the core product of a club, and Bayern have displayed their creative flair.

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).