The Back Page – 26th March

26th March 2021

Here’s a look at the newest posts engaging fans this week.

Juventus show us how to raise awareness about Racism.

The Serie A giants reminded us all that the 21st March was the International Day to eliminate Racial Discrimination. 

Not only does the video share crucial messages about imbalances in society, but the way it’s delivered makes it special. 

  • They’ve used the power of the shirt to illustrate the message.
  • They’ve utilised the power of AI to optimise fan engagement.
  • Capitalising on their colour codes to link with racism.

A lesson in storytelling by the UFC

The leading MMA promotion recently made lots of noise by announcing the return of a full crowd for UFC261, seeing Jorge Masvidal rematch Kamaru Usman. 

To begin the build-up, the UFC published an IGTV post reflecting on Masvidal’s career highlight by claiming the quickest knockout in UFC history against MMA veteran Ben Askren. 

This moment put Masvidal in the UFC’s spotlight and built him a rapid fanbase. Using this content ahead of his rematch against Usman keeps fans enticed into the event and what could be in store.

Matchroom Boxing doing what they do best, promoting!

You would’ve thought ahead of British boxer, Dilian Whyte’s rematch against Alexander Povetkin, Matchroom’s most engaged content would consist of training, interview or fight footage. 

Wrong! It’s actually director, Eddie Hearn, giving a flight speech for fighters on the undercard on their way to Gibraltar for the main event! 

It goes to show humorous and unorthodox content can take you far in the digital game, well played Matchroom!

Man City bring TikTok to Instagram

The Premier League leaders seem to by merging TikTok content with their overall Instagram strategy. 

From the last 24 hours, this clip is their most engaged piece of content.

Sky are getting ready for the new formula 1 season

A great promo from Sky Sports showing classic moments from last season. The message to the promo it’s only live once. Obviously has all the classic ingredients to making a great engaging TV promo.

✅ Very quick cut quickly using a lot of closeups

✅ Shouty dramatic commentary

✅ Build edit to classic a crescendo

✅ Fat Boy Slim soundtrack