The Back Page – Why you need shoot insurance

Why you need shoot insurance!

Brentford, show the world it’s okay to admit you make mistakes! If anything, bloopers can draw in more engagement than the original videos you planned.

The video has over 128,000 views, significantly more than their last two video uploads. It looks like it wasn’t such an embarrassing moment after all! 

Now how’s that for a kit launch! 

Crystal Palace switched things up for their 2021/22 kit launch by featuring their oldest supporter, Nan Pam, in the commercial.

We’ve seen some wacky, crazy and bizarre announcement videos in our time, but we’re glad Palace have given a spotlight to one of their most loyal fans. 

Saka returns to Arsenal

Following his respectable performance at Euro2020, Saka returns to Arsenal FC. 

The club’s content team shot a vlog of the 19-year-old entering the training center for some regular warm-up exercises. 

The video has 130k+ views so far, which shows the appetite football fans have for behind-the-scenes access.

Fight Camp has a new IGTV series

Eddie Hearn launched the 2nd annual edition of Matchroom fight camp last weekend, headlined by Xu Can and Leigh Wood.

Eddie also released a sub-series of Fight Camp, called Inside Fight Camp. The series shares a day-in-the-life of Eddie Hearn alongside some of the show’s presenters, including Maya Jama and Laura Woods, ahead of the main event. 

Behind-the-scenes content is a superb way to make your audience feel close to your brand, and eventually, it can convert them into long-term fans of your sport.

Will content creation become an extreme sport? 

If it ever does, we’ll all know why! Everything about this video is brilliant. The angle, perspective and the build-up synergises so well. 

With the new generation on the rise, the sports industry has never been hungrier for engaging and entertaining content. 

It looks like Bruce Buffer has some competition

UFC fighter, Jorge Masvidal, did a meet and greet over the weekend, and he came across a fan who made an incredible fight announcement impression. 

The clip has amassed over 1m views in the space of 24 hours across various touchpoints in the MMA community, including a shout out from MMA fighter Anthony Pettis.

Capturing viral moments like this are brilliant for connecting a sport to the ‘casual fans’ through iconic and unique elements within a competition. 

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).