TikTok’s ready for Euro2020, are you?

TikTok’s ready for Euro2020, are you?

We may have found our sports video ad of the year! TikTok is ready to make some noise to make up for the year in the delay of one of Europe’s largest football tournaments.

The video welcomes a cohesive blend of TikTok’s culture mixed in with real-game moments, giving football fans a taste of what content they can expect throughout the competition.

Football player announcements are a mad scene right now 

Bayern Munich legend, David Alaba, has joined Spanish giants Real Madrid on a 5-year contract. 

Most football junkies browse the web to keep up to date with their latest club news. Madrid adopted this behaviour into Alaba’s announcement video by giving a mock-insight into their hard drive when creating the announcement. 

The tweet is one of their most engaging posts for the signing due to its simplistic creativity. 

Want to watch the UEFA Champions League Final, unfiltered? 

BT Sport put together an 8-minute compilation of last weekend’s final highlighting the best bits, unfiltered. 

Viewers got to see in-game and punditry action up close alongside fans getting ready to attend. 

It was a blessing for many to attend a stadium, which presents how key ‘personalised moments’ are for fan engagement. 

Good job BT Sport. 

Has this convinced you to watch the Euros on ITV? 

ITV lead their Euro2020 campaign through animated marketing. The event is set to be full of surprises, just like many national and international football tournaments. 

ITV deliberately used bright colours to share the inclusivity of football with traditional and non-traditional fans. 

Did you favour this over the TikTok ad? 

Fancy checking out an MMA meme page? 

If so, lets us introduce you to Mype Sports! They’re the latest sports meme channel making noise across YouTube with 145k subs and approximately 80k+ views per video. 

This recent upload is a compilation of US fighter, Colby Covington, infamous nicknames for other fighters. 

What Mype did so well with this video is capturing niche moments in MMA that have a humourous theme. It can draw new audiences to the sport through MMA’s ‘memeability’. 

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).