FC Augsburg join the fixture announcement hype

FC Augsburg join the fixture announcement hype

FC Augsburg announced their Bundesliga schedule for 2021-22, and it was epic! 

They’ve included various viral moments, cultural phenomena and community-themed content to announce their matches for the new season. 

Fixture announcements have become the latest trend for sports clubs on social media to get creative with. Are you a fan or not really? 

TikTok’s top pundits

Football commentary legend, John Motson, has featured on the Mayor of London TikTok account this week to promote a new challenge for football pundits on TikTok. 

Commentary is a pivotal part of the matchday experience. This interactive challenge marks a great opportunity for aspiring sports pundits to promote themselves in a fun but rewarding way. 

An interesting partnership from TikTok and the Mayor of London.

Jordan Henderson’s story

Ahead of England’s game against Germany, the England content team put together a compilation to tell the story of Jordan Henderson.

The next-generation have a strong attraction to the players as well as the teams. Jordan has been pivotal in England’s set-up today and many fans will appreciate this story of his.

New BBC Olympic promo drops

Sporting audiences were taken on a whistle stop tour of Japanese culture embedded within some of the greatest olympic moments.

Tokyo is the beating heart of fascinating artwork, talented creatives and anime. The Tokyo Olympics will be one to remember and this trailer did an amazing job to show that sport is nothing without national culture. 

Krept & Konan create a Euro2020 national anthem

The UK rap duo produce an iconic rap song with various other UK artists to broaden England’s cultural identity.

The visuals were captured outside of Wembley stadium with the artists spitting plenty of bars. This music video reminds us all that England has changed dramatically from a diversity perspective and Krept & Konan have shone a light on how many more are supporting England to bring it home.

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).