The Back Page – 23rd April

The sporting videos taking over social media this week

The European Super League has left the chat

It took a matter of hours for millions of fans worldwide to protest against the European Super League announcement last Sunday.

Since then, the power of the fans has seen all six Premier League clubs who initially entered leave the proposal. 

BBC Football was on the ball at creating a mock-up WhatsApp group for a laugh. You can always count on a WhatsApp group for humorous content. 

What exactly happened in the European Super League Meeting?

On Monday, Paddy Power released exclusive IGTV footage of how the European Super League meeting went down!

Jokes aside, despite how ridiculous the initiative seemed for millions of footy fans, Paddy reminds us even during frustrating moments, we can kick back and have a laugh with each other. 

The UFC keep things short and snappy

#UFC261 is coming up this weekend, where Jorge Masvidal looks to become victorious in his rematch against Kamaru Usman.

The card is stacked with three title fights, and 15,000 fans will return. This trailer has captured all of this in less than 30 seconds.

Have you watched the DAZN boxing show yet?

The streaming network, DAZN, has launched ‘the DAZN Boxing Show’, a one-stop-shop for boxing fans to access interviews, debates, and inside reports.

DAZN have proven essential for boosting fan engagement in boxing. 

They’ve welcomed a new and younger audience to the sport through their subscription model, and their new show is inclusive content for all fans at different knowledge stages in boxing. 

ESPN spot the world’s largest pizza slice

Just look at the size of that pizza! ESPN step away from NBA highlights for their latest reel as they show a father and his son digging into a Margherita. 

The reel is one of ESPN’s most-viewed clips this month with 5.2m hits. Seeing two NBA fans at a stadium will resonate with visitors considering how much we miss attending live sport. Plus, buying stadium food is a big part of what makes the live sport experience. 

Great job, ESPN! It goes to show there’s more to sports content than game highlights and player clips.