Lukaku announced

Lukaku is announced…finally  

Some great work from the Chelsea FC team on the anticipated signing of Big Rom Lukaku from Inter.

Also this gives us an excuse to say we worked with Chelsea on the announcement videos! 

The video had 18 million views and reached 50 million with a little bit of Jay Z.

Nice home-made football rig

You ever wondered how those betting ads are filmed behind the scenes? Well, thank us later for finding this. 

We never actually thought they’d use a drill to make the ball spin so much, but it makes perfect sense looking at it now. 

All praise to behind the scenes content; it really is special.

How many announcements have there been? 

If you didn’t know by now, we’re surprised! Yes, Varane has 100% signed for Man United. 

This is our favourite announcement video because the idea is simple but the execution is first class. 

United have incorporated their branding guidelines very strongly while wrapping up Varane’s best moments. 

City show us how to make a proper reel

Despite losing to Spurs last weekend, they haven’t lost any points in the content department.

This reel has a nice balance of creativity, simple execution and athlete-focused content. 

The drone is back out

Bayern beat Dortmund 3-1 on Tuesday in a comfortable fashion at the DFL Supercup. But, that wasn’t the only relaxing sight; this bit of promotion was ahead of the game. 

The Bundesliga has taken inspiration from PSG’s Messi announcement last week to capture a drone shot of Signal Iduna Park. 

Could drone content become king?

Their first Premier League goal captured from the stands

Now isn’t that a sight or sore eyes! Brentford beating Arsenal 2-0 on their opening game was delightful for their fans, but appreciating this being captured from the stands hits so differently.

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).