Which England fan are you?

Which England fan are you? 

Content creator Munya Chawawa reminds us that England has a broad range of fans, from the elites to the one’s who don’t have a clue! 

Whether or not England gets through the Euro’s group stages, at least we can all sit back and laugh for the right or wrong reasons. 

10/10 for effort Scott!

Former Robo-cop legend, Peter Crouch, becomes the host of Crouchy’s Year Late Euros. 

He invited Scotland starlet Scott McTominay, on the show to play a bit of snooker. However, it didn’t exactly go to plan… 

The clip has over 105k plays; it goes to show bloopers are still popping!

Give the content team a rise

This promo was just as exciting as Schick’s astonishing strike to get the three points from Scotland on Monday! 

We love it when teams utilise their personal branding through content. It’s very undervalued and has a lasting effect on your audience. 

Nice edit guys.

Now this is just hilarious

Who in their right minds would’ve thought Sweden’s manager, Sven-Göran Eriksson, would engage with Scottish Twitter!

This was a collaboration we didn’t realise we needed. Paddy Power got the Instagram algorithm working for them to a tee with the multiple tags spamming in their comments. 

The lesson to learn is if you can collide two completely different cultures together for a shared purpose, you’ve got yourself a digital masterclass. 

Goal score with Wales sub-branded content

Goal came up with unique animated illustrations for game updates for Turkey vs Wales on Wednesday. 

As a football news platform, it’s key that Goal doesn’t purely replicate match update content like other national teams would. 

Instead, they’ve created designs that are fan-friendly, eye-catching and direct. 

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).