Messi video


A day that millions thought would never happen. Lionel Messi is leaving FC Barcelona, and the football world has come to a standstill. 

It’s only right to produce a compilation video of his best moments in the Barca shirt. 

Wow, Messi’s face has changed a lot!

I can’t tell what’s more intriguing, Messi’s real reason for leaving or how much his face has changed shape over the years. 

Jokes aside, this timeline compilation is a chance for football fans to appreciate Messi’s journey at the club, and it gives them a nostalgic feeling.

How lit is the new Wolves tunnel?

The glowing eyes do it for us. How about you? 

The great thing for football clubs is that you can film almost anything around the stadium and get a good level of engagement. 

The game is so precious that you can get so creative from the dug out, premium seating or stadium entrances.

Bruno Fernandes over Steven Gerrard?!?!

I know right, how bizarre would it be if a fan genuinely believed that? Well, SPORTbible found someone who does!

SPORTBIBLE has started a new video series called to disagree, where two rival football fans are given a range of statements that they have to debate. 

Since mid-June, this episode and one another have gained some of SPORTbible’s most plays on IGTV. 

An announcement is brewing for PSG… 

I think we all know who it is and I don’t think I’ve gotten more excited for a 10-second video anymore than this one!

Nevertheless, that’s some awesome skills to use a drone like that, and it shows what the future of sports content could look like.

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).