Is your Twitter getting s**ter?

How can you optimise your audiences video experience on Twitter?Β 

It’s a no brainer that video is the best-performing content type on every marketing channel. Especially on Twitter, 1.2 billion video views are made each day with a 2x growth over the last year. Plus, video tweets find engagement to rise by 10x than tweets and promoted video tweets save over 50% on cost per engagement. 2020 saw over 2 billion tweets made relating to sport, with the Super Bowl and the LA Lakers being the most tweeted sports events and teams. These stats alone show how powerful video marketing is on Twitter, so how do YOU get it right?Β 

Keep Twitter videos mobile friendly

93% of Twitter video views come from mobile, so make sure your content looks pleasing on mobile. You can do this by adding closed captions/subtitles if viewers are watching with no sound on. Plus, produce your videos in the same way you want them consumed. For example, it’s a pain having to turn your phone around when watching content. Instead, make sure the video is presentable to watch in the format that the viewer will click on it in. Let’s check out this example by SPORTbible.

Subtitles, check! Can you watch without audio? Check! Don’t have to tilt your phone for the best watching experience? Check! Short tweet text? Check!

Keep your captions short

Videos with shorter text in Tweets reportedly have a 13% higher brand and message and view time memory than those with longer text. Another rule of thumb is NOT to start a video tweet with a Twitter handle. Why? Well, your video reach will be limited to consumers who follow that handle. This error had occurred with global music artist Drake and his brand endorsement for Insurance providers State Farm during this year’s Super Bowl. Take a look

Long story short, don’t jeopardise your audience reach by making an easy mistake.

Champion your personal brand

With video forecasted to become 82% of all mobile traffic, your videos must be uniquely presented through your personal brand. What do we mean by this? Well, let’s look at some examples.

Admin Spurs’ takeover!

Spurs’ allowed their no.9 to take over their Twitter account for the day, and they sub-branded the content as ‘admin spurs’. The picture shows a simple graphic with colours coordinating with the Spurs logo, which will psychologically make their viewer recognise this is Spurs-related content. This can make or break whether a fan clicks on the video, considering Spurs’ recent form, that will be questionable!

BBC Sport pre-game content

To embed your brand throughout your video, you could do it the BBC Sport way! This clip illustrates the key details where the content originates from while surrounding it in the BBC Sport brand in the text.

Optimise the increase in virtual interviews

Or you can take it to another level by using video borders. With the increase of virtual interviews and the reduction of face-to-face interviews, marketers have ensured they connect the organisations brand to the video the same way there would be branding assets through a regular interview.