Football is for everyone

Football is for everyone

Last weekend saw a campaign run by female football fans to raise awareness about sexist abuse existing in the game. 

The ladies presented a message on a piece of paper illustrating a statement of abuse to demonstrate what some female fans put up with on social media. 

The clip has gained 1.3 million views. Now, how’s that for impact! 

Scotland announce their Euro2020 squad

The Scotland national football team went to Twitter at Wednesday lunchtime to announce their Euro2020 squad. 

The announcement did everything right. The video embedded the teams personal branding, subtitles were present and they explored creative ways to announce each player. 

Whether they’ll win the Euros is a different debate, but they’ve certainly claimed the best announcement video ahead of the competition by far!

Steph couldn’t handle the heat

Curry’s team, Golden State Warriors, secured a win over the Grizzlies last weekend. Steph Curry was on fire picking up 46 points during the game which led to Kent Bazemore pouring water on his head. 

Someone had to cool him down! However, the Reel has been played 5.5 million times which shows there’s an appetite for viral moments during sports games. 

Warriors respect the referee

ONE Championship fighter, Shine Chaak, reminds us that sportsmanship comes first, something that other sports could learn from…. 

ONE took to their Instagram account to post a Reel comparing a fighters reaction to a disqualification compared to a yellow card in a football game. 

The clip has over 650k plays and reminds us that sports consumers appreciate content that represents positivity and respect. Two values close to ONE Championships remit. 

Fancy checking out Devin Haney’s camp?

Matchroom Boxing had to deal with disappointing news this week as the AJ vs Fury super fight has been postponed. However, they’ve attempted to lighten the mood by giving a virtual tour of WBC Lightweight champion Devin Haney’s state-of-the-art camp. 

As much as we all love to see a good old scrap, sports fans constantly want to get up close and personal with their favourite athletes. 

Matchroom have recognised this by using one of their biggest stars to give value to their audience. 

Written by Stoke & Dagger contributor Ashwyn Lall  (Twitter: AshsSportsTalk1).